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The Ideal Chimney Sweep on Vancouver Island

To ensure proper function and safe operation of your fireplace and chimney, it should be given regular maintenance checks. Safety Sweep Chimney Service provides annual maintenance and chimney sweep services in southern Vancouver Island. For over 25 years, we have been your chimney sweepers.

We perform chimney maintenance services, such as:

Removing nests and other blockages
Fireplace cleaning
Chimney sweeping
Vacuum cleaning
Dryer vent cleaning
Chimney and brick sealing

Through use and time, chimneys and fireplaces become unkempt. Birds or other animals might use them as homes if they’ve been left unused for periods. Soot builds up and can become a fire hazard. Maintenance and cleaning are services that should be performed with regularity. That’s when you call the chimney sweep, Safety Sweep Chimney Service. We have a personal connection to the community in the Cowichan Valley region.

Give us a call today to request a free estimate on chimney and fireplace maintenance.

What We Do

We’re fired up to provide you with a variety of fireplace and chimney services.

25 Years Serving the Community

Get swept up in the chimney sweeping services from Safety Sweep Chimney Service today.

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